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Looking back and ahead

Before looking ahead to winter and 2019, some nice feedback from summer 2018 helps to keep the dream alive:

‘The entire event was incredible. While I have climbed quite a bit in the Tetons, it had been over 10 years since my last trip and this was the first time I used a guide. Jesse was great at assessing our strengths and limitations. He kept us in a climbing range that was challenging and inspirational, while not exceeding our abilities and putting us at risk. Safety was the always the top priority and I was impressed with the attention to every detail to ensure this.

The climbing was incredible. We did some nice rock variations on the Koven face that were very interesting. We bivouacked at the East Ridge Col which had great views. The summit friction pitches were a great finish to a challenging climb. This was a great mountain experience with a combination of rock and snow.

Jesse is an awesome guide and is a complete professional. I highly recommend him.'​

- Preston Fancher

Brooks and Preston climb parallel ropes up the last pitch of Mt. Owens Direct East Ridge.

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